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2024 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV Performance Ratings 

The 2024 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV is a practically engineered CUV, offering unrivalled performance without compromising efficiency. This plug-in hybrid electric CUV is thoughtfully designed especially for urban explorers looking for something more dynamic on the road. Its hybrid powertrain system delivers outstanding thrills with a top speed of 205 km/h that takes you to 96.6 km/h in less than 6 seconds. Continue reading to learn more about the proven powertrain capabilities, as well as some of the well-engineered performance features of the Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV, from the experts at Standard Jeep Ram

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Specifications 2024 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV
Engine Type 1.3L I4 Turbo PHEV
Battery 15.5 kWh lithium-ion
Horsepower 288
Torque (lb-ft) 383
Transmission 6-speed automatic

Electrified Powertrain System 

The Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV is powered by a 1.3-litre I4 turbo PHEV engine and a 15.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, outputting 288 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. The high-output engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, providing enhanced stability in challenging road conditions. This PHEV is available with a Class-Exclusive PowerShot that provides an additional 30 horsepower to get through rough or demanding terrains conveniently and confidently. 

Drive Modes 

To let you customize all your rides based on dynamic driving, road or weather conditions with the help of three selectable driving modes:

  • Hybrid Mode: utilizes power from both the engine and electric motor to deliver top-notch performance.
  • Electric Modeensures zero-emission performance by prioritizing electric driving. It offers up to 53 km of driving range with a top speed of 135 km/h on a full charge.
  • eSave Mode: uses the gas engine to save electric charge for use in low-emission zones across the country. 

50/50 Weight Distribution 

Appreciate the strategic weight management and use of lightweight materials throughout the vehicle for the near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, providing dynamic handling and agile body stiffness for enhanced ride control and quality. 

Learn More About the 2024 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV 

Interested in learning more about the engine capabilities, technological advancements, trim options and safety systems of the new 2024 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV? Visit Standard Jeep Ram, where our highly skilled product specialists can take you through each of this new-age CUV’s unique features in detail. Call us at +1-403-527-5581, today to schedule an appointment

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