It’s Time to Get Serious Budgeting Your Money

October 3rd, 2016 by

When times are hard, you can pull yourself out with a little control. Perhaps even more important, you can save up for when the inevitable happens – because when it rains it pours.

We’re not experts, but here at Standard Jeep Ram we want to look out for you in all aspects of life. Here are some tips and tricks we found to be helpful.

How to Save Money

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  1. Layout your expenses and stick to a budget
  2. Shop smart, and plan your trips to the store
  3. Good, cheap fun

A good way to start a budget plan is to lay out what you’re making. Gather your after-tax monthly income and separate out your essentials: mortgage, any bills automatically pulled out of your bank account, kids’ expenses.

Next is to cut those down:

  • Shop around before you stick to a cable/phone or any deregulated services, make your you’re getting the best rate.
  • Start hanging clothes out to dry, could save about 10 percent on your electric bill
  • Ditch upgraded services, like a sports network, or get rid of cable completely and use something like Netflix.

The first thing that needs to be decided before shopping, is whether is a need or a want. Wants can wait for blowout sales. Some other shopping tricks to save money:

  • Plan before you go food/gift shopping
  • Try homemade gifts and costumes
  • Thrift stores are a great place to find random household items, and maybe even some funky trends

Date night doesn’t need to be expensive, and you don’t need to show off all you’ve got to have a fun night out with family and friends:

  • Bring back the home birthday party (everybody brings a dish)
  • Pizza night; frozen pizza taste tests and ratings
  • Libraries keep up to date, check out some movies and games
  • Host a potluck with your friends

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