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If you’ve been experiencing car trouble lately, it could be because your Dodge battery is ready to be replaced. Your battery:

  • Helps the engine fire up
  • Supplies additional current when necessary
  • Acts as an electrical reservoir
  • Provides energy to the vehicle lighting system

Review the warning signs, and if you experience any of these issues on your Maple Creek commute, it’s time to upgrade your battery.

The Warning Signs Your Battery is at the End of its Life

Of course, if you attempt to start your vehicle and nothing happens, you’re likely having some battery issues. But there are also some subtle telltale signs that can warn you in advance that it’s time to give your battery some extra attention:

  • Engine Cranks Slowly: Starting your vehicle takes a lot of power. A weak battery won’t be able to supply enough and could make the vehicle hard to start.
  • Warning Lights: Most modern vehicles are equipped with dashboard warning lights that will let you know if it detects low battery power.
  • Component Issues: Vehicle components that require electrical power such as windshield wiper motors, power seats, radio, and others, can start acting up if they aren’t getting enough power.
  • Swelling: A neglected or damage battery can begin to swell and deform. A sure sign that it needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Leakage: Excessive corrosion around the battery posts or gunk in the battery tray could be an indication the battery is leaking and should be replaced right away.

How to Choose a New Battery

Your vehicle owner’s manual will have specific guidelines on the kind of battery your car, SUV, or truck needs for optimum performance. It’s important to note the current battery size, cold cranking amps, and life expectancy top. And of course, if you have any doubts you can always drop by your local service center near Lethbridge and get advice from a certified technician.

Trust Standard Jeep Ram for Dependable Service

If you aren’t sure if the issues with your Dodge vehicle are due to a bad battery, or you just want a certified technician to take care of the problem for you, we’re here to help. Schedule your auto service with Standard Jeep Ram in Medicine Hat, not far from Calgary, and we’ll take care of you right. Be sure to take advantage of our money-saving coupons, and, for more content like this, see our guide on how to program a Dodge key fob.

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